Are you a good recycler? Confused about what can or cannot be recycled? Here, there are heaps of information on improving your recycling habit. Come and join us! Recycle can be meaningful and fun.

Here’s A Handy Infographic.

We hope you have enjoyed reading Binaware over this past few weeks, perhaps clearing ups some misconceptions and learning more about the impacts of waste on the environment and how we can help by adopting good recycling habits. Here are 3... Continue Reading →


Correctly Disposing Batteries Is Easier Than We Think!

Can you think of any household waste containing toxic chemicals which are detrimental to human health and the environment when improperly disposed? E-waste is a common source of such chemicals when disposed improperly, and batteries perhaps form the largest component of this... Continue Reading →

Little Change, Zero Waste

Today’s blog post will be introducing you some useful ways to eliminate as much waste as possible in the household environment. Simply a little change, it can make huge difference to save our environment. If you read my previous blogs, you should... Continue Reading →

7 things that will SHOCK you about plastic

More plastic facts that you should know under the ocean. Under the Ocean has searched far and wide to compile what we think are not just any facts, but a list of 7 things we think will really shock you... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Reasons That Why People Don’t Recycle

Many people are aware that recycling is beneficial to our environment and needs to be supported, however, there are some households do not recycle or recycle passively. I believe that a better understanding on ‘why’ helps support responsible recycling in the long... Continue Reading →

E-waste: Donate, or not, Recycle

In today’s digital age, people who live in urban areas at least hold two electronic devices on hand( i.e. your smartphone, laptop/iPad  and television/computer at home, etc.). Because of the rapid change of technologies, there are many unwanted or old electronic devices generated and some end... Continue Reading →

Old Is New-Refashion

Reduce, reuse and recycle! We’ve heard of this slogan hundreds of times in different kinds of environmental campaigns. My precious blogs have briefly mentioned the topic of recycle and reduce, and today, I would like to talk about the concept of REUSE. Reuse... Continue Reading →

7 Common Plastic Symbols We Should be Aware Of

Have you ever noticed the different symbols used on packagings? Do you have any idea what they stand for exactly ? Like this identification code 6 labelled 'PS' on the side of this yoghurt cup...   There are numerous plastic products on... Continue Reading →

Tips for Reducing Carbon Footprint During Road Trips

Finally,our mid-semester break has come, hurray! Why not spend some time and explore the beautiful landscape of Australia? A few friends and I have decided to go for a road trip to Port Macquarie for few days. Since I am... Continue Reading →

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